At La Casa de los Animales we always have cats and dogs for adoption they have all been spayed and neutered, dewormed and vaccinated.

Requirements to adopt a dog or puppy.
House with cyclone or concrete fence (no wire – no chain).
Sign an adoption contract.
ID or identification, copy of electricity or water bill.
Plus: all members of the family must agree on the adoption.
And a symbolic donation of $ 20,00.

Requirements to adopt a kitten or cat.
Sign an adoption contract.
ID or identification, copy of electricity or water bill.
And a symbolic donation of $ 10.00
Cats must stay inside their home for 2 weeks to adjust to their new life, their new home.
Kittens are up to 6 months old. During that time, they need a litter box.


Lilo was rescued from a bad owner who kept him on a chain in Boquete in March. He was very skinny back then. Lilo gets along fine with other dogs but can still be a bit overprotective of his food. Playing is one of the favorite activities of this 1 year old, medium size, pretty dog. He is quite an active guy so he needs a nice size fenced yard to release his energy, and preferably a friend to play with. Lilo has been dewormed, vaccinated and sterilized.


Lennon was found abandoned, in Dolega, about a year ago. He is a bit smaller than medium size, is a very sweet and affectionate dog of about 7 years old. He gets along fine with everyone. If you are looking for a wonderful, relaxed companion, Lennon is the perfect dog for you. Especially if you enjoy taking a walk. He will guard his territory but is not at all an excessive barker. What he wants most is a nice comfortable bed in a loving, caring home. Like all our dogs, he has been sterilized and is up to date with his dewormer and vaccinations.